About Us

Perla's Intimates is a slow fashion, family owned small business established in 2023. Every item is carefully hand-sewn by my mother Flor Perla who is also our co-founder. Flor has been a seamstress for 30+ years and started seamstressing shortly after she immigrated from El Salvador in 1989. All of our items are thoughtfully designed based exclusively on my personal style and on people and music that inspire me. Growing up, my mother would custom make me clothing items that she would design for me with fabric she had lying around the house, which is how Perla's Intimates was born. In recent years, I have loved wearing intimate and feminine clothing inspired by some of my fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. I am infatuated with the beauty and femininity of intimate clothing and was inspired to start Perla's Intimates watching the talent of my mother. Our fabrics are locally sourced in Los Angeles with the help of my mother's friend and fabric sourcer Juan. Every single product is hand-sewn by Flor and packaged with love by me. My goal with Perla's Intimates is to make every person who wears our brand to feel empowered and confident in their femininity, as it is such a beautiful thing that clothes has offered us to feel. 


Julieta Perla (Founder) ♡